Graciela Camaño criticized Alberto Fernández: "Play to be the best student", Cristina Kirchner – 09/01/2019


They left the crowd to reject statements by former head of cabinet Alberto Fernandez, who said that Sergio Massa and Cristina Kirchner had "the same vision about what should be done" in the country. "We do not have coincidences", guaranteed Clarin head of the bench Front Renovador in the deputies.

In an interview with La Nación, former Kirchner official said that he had talks with both opposition personalities and that he was "convinced" that both had the same "vision" about the state project. He also stated that "the differences were in the past"and to continue discussing them is a" trap "in which Mauricio Macri makes them.

Caraño was in an ironic way. "There are leaders who play the best student and lead to bring the best apple to the teacher"He replied and rejected Fernandez's statement:" Since 2013, there are no contact points (with Cristina). When Sergio got up and said "no more re-election", it was because he warned that this project was over.

This was also another step to take this into account.Cristina has several coincidences with Macrie and Sergi"Both consider that politics is built on the battlefield, that you have to take up arms because the enemy is on the other side. What we see is that They are the same, almost brothers, because they are needed"

After reminding that Massimo "had a political appearance because he had doubts about many things" of the Kirchner government, he confirmed:We do not have coincidences"and highlighted as" fundamental "difference" political construction. "" In 2015, Cristina thought she had a list for her personal comfort. For us, in addition to wanting to lead the country, there must be another model. If politicians are more interested than society, we are on antipodes. That's why we insist on projects and equipment"he explained.

Taking into account that the former president has not yet confirmed whether the candidate will be, he complained: "They want to force us to express our opinion about someone who is not." "I do not know where Cristina got such a power when she won the last election (Esteban) Bullrich. This is the past that the Argentineans buried two or three times"He added, referring to the latest elections."

However, like Alberto Fernández, other opposition leaders insist on unity and argue that if Cristina and Masse were added, Peronism could win in the first round. "There is a construction based on the assumption that the electoral process is defined in the survey and that it is not so much that we need to do much more and build an alternative for the Argentines, I have to choose from among the least ones," he concluded.


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