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A few years ago, the Street View platform launched a special one, inviting users to get to know the international space station with a series of 360-degree images. But you knew that you could even navigate through the research center as if you were going through the neighborhood Google Maps.

When Google co-operated with ISS spacecraft to capture images of its science laboratories, work areas and impressive domes with a wonderful view of the Earth, the company developed its technology so that it can be seen on all its platforms. navigation.

The Street View is characterized by the presentation of special 360-degree pictures of different places and events. Instead of, Google Maps It offers locations where photos of the locations of the above platform are combined so that users can better position themselves in the real world.

However, when it comes to being special from a place that is not in the earthly world, it is almost impossible to find it on the map. But Google Maps enabled its platform, so that the International Space Station can be found as one that looks for a business address or home friends in search of the NASA application.

In this way, using navigation, as if it were a terrestrial street, the application improves what Thomas Space, the astronaut who helped collect images, said in describing his experiences: "helps describe the feeling that it is in the universe."


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