Gonzalo Bonadeo laughed at Marley for anger with Telefe – 10/10/2012


A notice published in Clarín has caused an unexpected conflict: Gonzalo Bonadeo he repeated, and he made his way to Marley for his anger with Telefe.

The note mentioned Marley's tweet in which he complained: "I wake up at eight in the morning to get ready for work, I leave a son who cries because I'm leaving, I come to work they work on "evacuation drills". Genius I came to the fart. Lpmqlp. "

He later added some tweets that mentioned "early birds". "And the dream face still does not go", at first. "Who struck me with a blow to wake up?", he added in another.

What Marley's simple complaint seemed to have had a big impact, as many media outlets had published driver's anger towards his own channel. Including Marley deleted this message in later times it was intended to promote the new Minute to Win season.

It was also surprising that Gonzalo Bonadeo joined the same way and he will ask Marley with a very ironic tweet, who had from his very malicious followers father Mirko.

Marley got angry at Telefe and posted it on Twitter. It would be a logical thing to warn us if there was a simulation. Which would cease to be a simulacrum, sports journalist scoffed. And he added small faces of fear. Will Marley respond?


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