Gisela Berger threatened Daniel Scioli on Twitter – 01/09/2019


January 4 Gisela Berger he published an amazing message on his social networks: "People do not change, they behave well when they want to get something". And although he was initially mysterious, the model was now explicit and lapidar against Daniel Scioli, his father's father.

Daniel Scioli says it's a hand while people are starving. Lie! Holidays in Courcevel, France. Where is the state's money? ", tweetal and attached a picture of his holidays in Europe with the former governor of Buenos Aires.

Immediately began speculation. Did they hack or was it really the one who sent this message? It was all explained when Berger communicated with Guido Zafforo, a chronicler Intruders (America at 13.30): "It was me."

Chiseling Gisele Berger, who triggered a scandal.

Chiseling Gisele Berger, who triggered a scandal.

In his words Berger assured him that he is in Cordoba and that they would suddenly return from Francewhere I was with Scioli. In addition, he assured him that he had received threats: & # 39; & # 39; They terrorized me & # 39;he says to me. And she says that publishing is real, that she wrote it. "

Clarin He communicated with the model. When he dropped the call for a few seconds, he replied. But He said he could not "talk on the phone" and asked, please, to communicate via messages from WhatsApp. Although later, when the news exploded, he decided not to respond.

"I'm afraid, obviously. But I'm not a terrible person. I do not care that someone who he thinks he has more power than everyone in the country and can do whatever he wants., the blonde has previously provided the portal Exitoin.

Scioli and Berger in October last year, at the baptism of Francesca's daughter.

Scioli and Berger in October last year, at the baptism of Francesca's daughter.

He added: "I predict that I protect myself. I do not file a complaint because I know they will not do anything. To protect me "

This is not the first jump between Berger and Scioli. The former presidential candidate said in May 2017 that he was pregnant and that he would be "father at age 60". But a little later, the model itself is completely outrageous, He said that the former Governor asked him for a "raft".

"Now she wants to create a perfect family, if it were not for me, I would not … he wanted to be aborted." A-BOR-TO ", said Gisela Berger on the portal at that time He added, "When I learned that I was pregnant and told him, his response was:" No. This is bullshit, that's bullshit, but there's nothing to do? "

Even during pregnancy, Berger separated from Scioli, who would deceive her with the Sofía Clérici model.


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