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Get to know the new free video game that came to crash Fortnite


It's Apex Legends, the survival of the royale style online for video games like Fortune, developed by Raspawn Entertainment for computer platforms, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Its launch was surprised by the world of players as it was created mysteriously. and without prior notice. Over a few days it has been downloaded by more than 25,000,000 users.

The game in the first person is composed of 20 teams with three players who can drop anywhere on the map. Before the game begins, each user has the choice of eight "legends" or "heroes" with different abilities. The creators of the game are the same who gave life to Titanfall, and in fact the Apex Legends rises within the same fictitious universe.

8 legends

The video game promises to break Fortney, because after some surprising startups, it received over 25,000,000 downloads within a few days, while Epic Games lasted for two weeks and reached 10,000,000.

The Apex Legends will consist of a series of four seasons that last for three months, with different challenges and innovations that will restore the game. Its creators do not exclude the possibility that users of different consoles can play with each other, as well as that they can do it individually – solitary – instead of playing as a team.

Playing Stolen Lolito Fdez

Items that can be purchased in the game will not be affected by the experience of the same. In fact, they can be achieved when you move on, without the need to spend money. This is explained by Raspawn, Mackey McCandlish, Director of Design, at the AS website: "We have included a very ethical form of monetization, we give a lot of cosmetic products for which you do not have to pay, even limited items, but you can get every character simply by playing. "

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