Sunday , April 18 2021

Germán Martitegui specifically confirmed Alex Caniggia in MasterChef: “Ketchup is cheap”

Last week Alex Caniggia made a mistake in MasterChef Celebrity when he was cut himself to cook a dish that was supposed to be a team, and received sharp criticism from the jury. At the ceremonial elimination this Sunday and in fear that the singer will return to act “for his ideals,” German Martitegui you have made sure that the participant has followed your guidelines, and you have thus decided to speak to you on your terms.

It all started when Martitegui saw that Alex had no idea how to fillet the fish, then pointed out that this was done by pushing the knife “from the back down”. The singer was very happy to arrive “Hitman”, as he renamed it according to the famous video game character.

“This time he really had to come‘ Hitman ’because he made a bag of fish,” Alex told the camera, while explaining to the jury that he would be monitoring the dish with “pear, peach, grilled and” levels.

But when the jury asked him what kind of sauce he was going to give, the singer was confused. “Salsa I didn’t intend to make. Ketchup? Is ketchup going? He asked.

“No, ketchup doesn’t work. Ketchup is “cheap,” Germán pointed out, and Alex didn’t have to understand it, which got the message perfectly.

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