Gallardo's challenge before Conmebol: is the end justifying the tools?


Another chapter of the present Libertadores Cup again excited about South American football. This time Porto Alegre céh, a club that will be defeated river in the global semifinals protested against the discipline of the South American Football Association (CONMEBOL) for failure to suspend the DT Marcelo Gallardo. Chairman of Gremio, Romildo Bolzan He told the press: "The river coach was a direct participant. You've admitted yourself, in fact, you did not regret having done it. We sign a document CONMEBOL the importance of fair play. We are confident that they will give us the classification. We respect the results of the game. Although the first goal was not valid. It must be dignity. We are the contest champion. Allegedly Saturday will be a mistake. "

THE TV they showed the coach river through communication clever from the stadium The Guild Arena in cooperation with the game. After the first half (1 to 0 for Gremio) jovial He went down to the dressing room to give instructions to his players. At the end of the match, the coach himself announces a possible incident of a police officer CONMEBOLwho noticed his presence in the forbidden zone: "I took the audacity to go down and talk to the players because I thought they needed it and so I did. He broke a rulebecause it was not allowed, I confess, and I suppose, but I had to do this. These were won by the players who entered. "With great emphasis he added:" I think it is unfair because they lose their rights and freedom of work. The fine is fine, and one as coach is responsible for leaving the team late for a minute. but who knows in a small closet that sometimes takes time and there is no toleranceThat's why they are suspended. The freedom of work was abolished by a trainer. I'm not sorry if I need to do it again.

The Disciplinary Code establishes that the membership organizations, clubs and their players, as well as the so-called "official " including coaches, "are always obliged to act respecting and strictly respecting the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportiness."

On the same line, the following behaviors and punishable offenses are described: i. "Failure to comply with decisions, directives or decrees of judicial bodies". ii. "Failure to comply with the instructions of party officials (readable, including doubled officials)". (iii) "It does not appear in a game or is it later than the scheduled time to start or restart".

The images on the TV were flagged jovial, who seriously violated the suspended act because he could not get into the dressing room or communicate with his assistants. The Gremio leaders argue that coach involvement is a serious event that has an impact on the outcome of the game. For this reason, the occurrence of the game is more than the presumed intentional hand that a CASTLE (Video Assistant to the Referee), converted by the Goal Santos Borré (1 to 1), are asked to remove the points river and from the tables to the final.

In a statement guild He explained that he "determined an allegation of breach of the general rules of competition and the Disciplinary Decree, having regard to the River Plate in the time zone in the dressing room to give guidance to your athletes and radio communications with your assistant. "

The President of River, Rodolfo D Onofrio Already in the discussion with Fox Sports, I pointed out the rebuttal of the game before the Gremio: "It seems to me that the suspension on the coach for the rules is exaggerated." The sanction against Gallardo was written and okay, so The river did not comment on what they decided. But I think Argentine football deserves this Conmebol believes that the economic fine is correct, but sanctioning DT is like an exaggeration. Then we'll discuss the value of the fine, but I think the coach's sanctioning issue is an exaggeration because they take it out of the show. "

D & # 39; Onofrio justified the delay which led to the suspension of the coach in the first stage monumental: "The question was that players would never go out in the tunnel for the second time, but there is now a provision that says they have to go in the tunnel. Montiel slipped, a bit damaged, so departure was delayed. "The arguments of the Brazilian club concern two questions, one in the game (can not be modified) since the CASTLE. And another for Gallardo's apparent disobedience, which doubts the historic end mouth and river.

However, the background of the protest is weak, as it does not appreciate Gallardo's impact or direct impact on the outcome of the game. On the other hand, due to its repeated and challenging behavior, the TD may have stricter penalties for a fixed period of time (suspension of 24 games for up to 24 months) and other measures preventing stadiums from entering. Their declarations make the rules of the European Union credible CONMEBOL, and beyond trying to investigate with regard to instructors' penalties, it can be recognized that it is unduly unnecessary in the disciplinary sense. The fans river usually recalled Marcelo Gallardo the "Napoleon"His virtues as the strategist of the armed team are said to be the general and the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte he always carried the work of the Italian philosopher "The Prince" in his saddle bag Nicolás Machiavelli, published 1532. Some historians argue that the term is attributed Machiavelli "the end justifies the " the author Napoleonwho would have likewise wrote a copy of his book: "Try to always be triumphant, no matter how, and you will always be right ".

jovial exceeded the "win and win " in the middle of the match. Because these watches have to reflect and publicly apologize for repentance, just as good people do.


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