From Manu Ginobillo to Gaby Sabatini: the consequences of the bombing of Facundo Campazza – 14/12/2013


These days, when in national sports everything seems to be reduced to what is happening in football, the river at the World Cup in the club and with Boca in search of a new coach, Facund Campazza's bombardment of the small victory of Real Madrid against Barcelona ( 92:65) for Euroleague helped to change the subject for a while and aroused admiration for the reaction of colleagues in basketball and other disciplines.

"What phenomenon is @facundocampazzo, please! Check out this animal!" Manu Ginobili wrote this Friday on Twitter. And he considered a dialogue with one of his older children: "Again?! How did you get these shots?" Dante said, one of the twins. A quiet response was presented by a former NBA with a man's emoji that turned his hands and palms toward the sky.

Will this Campazzo be the best convert to the Euroleague? He asks in social networks Spanish magazine "Basket Giants". It's obviously still visible. Meanwhile, the foundations of the Argentine national team gather praise and admiration of many athletes in different parts of the world.

"How crazy are you," he wrote Paulo Dybala, before Juventus, on Twitter. On the same social network, Juan Monaco She went in the same direction: "Estassssss locooooooo Magoo". While Juan Pablo Sorín, a former defender of the national team, asked to stand "impressively … @facucampazzo #orgulloargento".

It's impossible to stay awake. You can even scream … That's worth, written by Pedro Bonofiglio, nicoleño, who votes on the stadium at the Real Madrid Stadium. And while Nicolás Richotti, companion of the Spanish Gran Canaria, issued "dejate de fuck @ facucampazzo" from this side of the ocean, his father, historical Marcelo, said: "He shot his home Cordoba, impressively".

On the social networks, they also showed admiration for Campazza, the former world number 3 Gabriele Sabatini, and representatives of other Argentine players selected as Luciano De Cecco (volleyball) and Pablo Simonet and Federico Pizarro (handball).

It was also not mentioned Luka Dončič, a Slovenian child, who was his first debut in Reala's biggest team at the age of 15 and this season, with only 19, played his NBA landing at Dallas Mavericks.

The details that remind Campazzo and Doncic should do exactly with the Cordovan game, which has been told all over the world in recent hours. A year ago, before the same competitor and the same competition, he was the European protagonist of near-tracking.

In case you need to get back connection football, song lyrics that some fans gathered on Twitter, has fantastic music that has loudly heard in the last days: "El Facu Campazzo, how crazy it is".


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