Four young people wanted to study in Los Abroios and arrested them – 11/18/2013


A group of young people He wanted to go Sunday to the fifth Los Abroes. In the city, owned by the Macri family, the president rested. When they tried to escape, they were stopped by a few blocks away from officials of presidential care.

On the Volkswagen Gol, three women and men came to the door and presented themselves as relatives of the president. Already in the first line of security, when officials began to check the list of guests, young people from the car began to complain to President Mauricio Macri while recording and photographing everything, according to official sources.

Before they were able to grab them, they fled the scene at full speed, but soon they were stopped by local McDonalds, who were warned by local police officers with a presidential detention. The incident lasted less than a minute, just before 8 in the morning, although it was not serious It resusposes the frustration of the presidential security.

According to official sources, the door of the fifth was opened because the car of presidential protection soon left the usual replacement of staff. "Tell me that I am the presidential goddess," said the driver of a vehicle that could not be moved because he had another car in front of him, which prevented him. "Macri cat, we'll kill you" the other is in line with police sources.

The case is in the hands of federal judge Juan Manuel Culotto, who has already been investigating the defendant and may be released in the next few hours. The file is marked as a violation of the address and threats. Justice seized mobile phones and broke into the homes of young people without finding interesting data or anything else that would link them with political organizations.

The young people would admit that it was a joke when they returned from a party. They were detained at another Los Polvorines police station at the Malvinas Argentinas party, and a private lawyer appeared in defense. In principle, they would not be fortunate because there were no obvious signs, but the right awaits the results of medical reports last night.

Young people would not have a criminal record and in the vehicle, the JUS-147 patent, they would not find weapons or brochures.

The detainees were identified as Juana María Avalos (22), Federica López Brown (21), Federica Albisu (22) and Mateo Passerieu (22). Three of them would live in a closed neighborhood of the University Club Buenos Aires (CUBA) in the Villa de Mayo. In fact, according to research sources, they would all be middle and upper middle class and students. Upload photos with friends and travel around the world on social networks.

Although the car was unable to fully enter the premises, as was apparent from the recording of a security camera, in their opinion, they had the interior of the fifth house of the presidential family, with a football field on the right side of the access to the house.

It is not the first time that there are incidents with presidential detention. In December 2016, a group of militants of the civil servants' union (ATE) attacked a truck in which they traveled through the area of ​​Villa Traful to Neuquén, a province where the president normally travels around the city of Vila La Angostura.

A few months later, in April 2017, Macri in Tandil was sorry when he visited with his entourage. And in mid-2017, a man crossed the car at the dawn of the bars surrounding Casa Rosada and were inside the parking lot. In the fifth presidential Olivos, there was another episode that wanted to enter a person carrying domestic weapons of the type "tumbero".


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