For the first time they went to a holiday in Villa Gesell, went to a dance and searched the house


Illusion to enjoy the holiday for the first time was nothing more than the other. A group of 13 young people who went to Villa Gesell for a few days He survived the attack on the house he had hired: the offenders robbed him when there was no one and took about 100 thousand pesos.

The thieves entered the house on Avenida 13 and Calle 104, when the boys went to dance at the bowling alley "Pueblo Limite". The criminals forced the windows of the windows and They were robbed.

"It was the first night we spent there." Rowing. They took all the bags, bags and backpacks, "said TN de Noche Matías Ferraris.

The boy said that they had a lot of time, because when they came, everything was pretty nice. "The neighbor spoke to us and told us that around 3 o'clock, because he missed the thermo, he woke up and." he saw a man in the street who was looking at the house"he explained.

After hearing about the attack, the owner of the house returned the money for the rent. Some parents came from boys and girls We went to another complexhe said.


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