For the first time in 30 years Oscar has no host


As reported Hollywood Academy of Arts and Cinematheque awards, Oscar will not count on hosts this year as a result of the comedian Kevin Hart, who withdrew from being a homophobic tweet host who had reappeared from his Twitter account.

This has not happened since 1989 and now Gala producers will have to choose a celebrity from the list in order to present and present the segments instead of having each year a host who will present the celebrities who will give away the statue, They reported about the variety.

Just six weeks before the 91st Academy Awards The film makers of the event will quickly coordinate the composition of the celebrity, which will be presented at the Oskar on February 24th.

So far The Academy did not offer new offers to be able to get an alternative host after Hart confirmed that Ellen DeGeneres tonight shows that neither public influence can cause a rethink presentation of the event.

In 1989, Rob Lowe performed a performance that was described as "catastrophic" during the 61st Academy Award.

It is estimated that this year will be highlighted musical acts that stood out in cinema under the leadership of candidates such as Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton and Kendrick Lamar, The version explains.

Reasons why he remained without a host

Hart confirmed that he will not be responsible for the Oscars' entertainment during an interview on Wednesday when he mentioned this He was "over" discussing his homophobic tweet and "he did not show anything to anyone".

The comedian went Good morning America, where he always repeated it I would no longer give "my energy" polemics that led to such a decision.
"I finished with this, I do not get more energy, the last time I was dealing with this," he said on one of the questions. "There's no more talk about this, I ended up with it, I beat it."

He later said that "it is not his problem if they do not accept his apology" after he retired from the Oscars instead of apologizing for the homophobic statements he made in 2009.

"If anyone wants to think that Kevin Hart is a monster who would not love someone for his choice in life, then there is all the power for them," he said, his only explanation in the interview was that he was not homophobic, as he was charged.

He added that he could not have been the host of the Oscars because he did not have time to prepare as needed for an event of this size.

"I want to be called a perfectionist, I want to make sure that production is an excellent presentation of me and my talent.

Hart was named host for the 91st Academy Awards in December. Then he was so proud to share it on his social networks, but his euphoria was short-lived because Twitter users removed some of his homophobic publications.

Hart did not want to apologize for what he wrote years ago, but he resigned and left the Academy without a host.

He said that they are Oscars producers he got an ultimatum, or apologized, whether he should resign and chose the latter.


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