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For drought, import of soya was imported in 2018


The import of soya Last year it exceeded 6.6 million tonnes. This is the record number that was achieved as a result sequence which affects all 2018 large regions of the country. This drought is what forced local factories to increase external purchases for grinding, a new private study showed.

Made on the basis of official data, a report prepared by him. T Zeni društvo It notes that during the dry season of the agricultural campaign, in the 2017-2018 period, 19 million tonnes of soybean loss was lost, falling from 54.1 million tonnes in the 2016-2017 cycle to 35.1 million tonnes last year

With the aim of supplying installed capacity, local factories have gained more soybeans abroad to grind them before each production. Thus, imports of this product have tripled compared to 2017. With this rate of purchase, Argentina has become the third largest importer of soya in the world.

For China and the European Union (EU). It is important to note that Paraguay, as usual, contributes to most of the soybeans purchased by Argentina. But even in 2018, the United States broke through as a provider. And he did it after two decades. "The Par Excellence Supplier was Paraguay," Zeni said.

They pointed out that the neighboring country "expanded its export balance after an agrarian favorable campaign". "And mostly focused on the Argentinean territory, but its participation was reduced to 62 percent of total purchases of -4.13 million tonnes, when it typically exceeded 90 percent of the total value," the sum of the document

According to the report, in 2018, imports of soybeans from the United States amounted to 1.78 million tonnes, 27 per cent of annual imports, mainly 81 per cent in the fourth quarter. Another fact to be highlighted in Zeni's new report is that Brazil contributes only 620 thousand tonnes. That is why he became the third supplier.

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