For Ciccon the cause is no more prisoners: Nuñez Carmona was released today – 14.12.2013


After the Federal Constitutional Court 4 (TOF 4), with the inclusion of Judge Adriana Palliotti, instead of Pablo Bertuzzi, granted the release to the partner and friend José Maria Núñezu Carmoni, who was consecrated to Ezeiza prison, this Friday he's gone in Ezeiza Prison, where he was from August 7 after the Ciccone case. He left the lock with an electronic lock, such as Amado Boudou.

In just one week, the reason for the sale of the former Ciccón, stopped when they were arrested. TOF 4 issued yesterday the dismissal of three convicts who had before trial: Amado Boudou, José María Núñez Carmona and Nicolás Ciccone.

After 18 years, José María Núñez Carmona, a friend and partner of Boudou, left the Ezeiza federation, only 48 hours after the former vice president.

S electronic anklet, must appear every fifteen days before the Court, his passport was also withheld, and the state's leaving was prohibited. You will not be able to move beyond the radius of 100 kilometers from your home and will be permanently following GPS.

Núñez Carmona was released from prison for four months after TOF 4 voting, which included the disappointment of Judge Néstor Costabel, who opposed the release of those convicted of the Ciccone for bribery crimes and incompatible negotiations.

Judges Gabriela López Íñiguez and Adriana Palliotti attended the favorable vote, reiterating that the "abuse of detention" should be avoided and that this should be the "guiding principle of the judiciary".

Núñez Carmona was sentenced to five years and eight months as a bribe and incompatible negotiator in a case investigating the sale of former Ciccón.

His lawyer, Matías Molinero, said two days ago that the Buenos Aires Chamber of Commerce in January issued a Boudou partner arrested for illicit enrichment because there were no procedural risks or a risk of flying. He argued that the only difference with this scenario was the penalty in the Ciccone case, which led to his immediate arrest.

The first one that issued in support of the release of Núñez Carmona was Marcelo Colombo's prosecutor, and the proposal was upheld by the judges, who stated that the elements that enabled Núñezu Carmoni to "free the debate (the Ciccone trial) were not at all were altered, which was dictated by the conviction. "

According to the prosecutor's proposal in the coalition, they stated that the fact that the conviction is the only "new information" can be caused by other alternative measures than imprisonment. " They stressed that less harmful measures should be taken than required by Núñez Carmona's defense, that is, electronic monitoring.


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