For Angelo Torres, Juan Darthés "is a monster" – 12/15/2013


Angela Torres commented on the waves of allegations of sexual abuse in an artistic environment, endorsed Thelmo Fardin and accused Juana Darthes, her former partner in "Simona", of being "a monster".

"Everything is very strong, I worked with him all year long, my mother (Gloria Carrá) was in" Ugly Duckling "and I was very close to Thelma at the time, she was a girl. It's a real head and that (Darthés) has impunity and face to go out and say things he said, makes me goosebumps, "Torres said.

In dialogue with ChismosesNet TV, a 20-year-old actress, said she felt "sorry" for Darthes children, but she said that "the right must work and be honest once and for all." "He was raped and was a minor", he is convicted.

Asked how to work with Darthés in the Polk children's belt, in the middle of a scandal over Calu Rivero's appeal, Ángela explained that this was "weird" although "there was no time to comment on it."

"I always had my own way of thinking, but I had to save myself because I was at the head of my head for the first time my labyrinth was endangered. I had to take care of this. I always believed Cal and now I'm with Thelma. It was hard to record with him, everything was confusing and weird. I could say a lot of things, but that's not a moment, "he added.

Torres also expressed his resentment over the violence against women in the country and said that he felt "sometimes war".

Torres was a servant of Darthes in the novel Polka.

Torres was a servant of Darthes in the novel Polka.

"Go to the march and see the hanging women (as an artistic presentation) and make sure that the men are set" Oops, how strong … "And yes! That's what they do to us. It's not bad to see it", closed.


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