Thursday , August 5 2021

Florencia Arietto: "The progressives are all" antipolics "until they are chorea"

In the midst of the debate on the use of arms in the Mirtha Legrand program, Florencia Arietto, Adviser to the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich, attacked the critical situation of another guest, actress Carolina Papaleo, and claimed that "progressives are all" antipolics "until they are chorea."

The conflict caused the driver's question about the government's decision to buy Taser weapons: "These are non-lethal weapons," the lawyer said. The discussion of security forces measures then led to a discussion of whether police officer Luis Chocobar acted in the framework of a law in an episode in which Juan Pablo Kukoc shot after he stabbed 11 times. American tourist Joe Wolek.

Although he is the former head of safety at an independent athletic club admitted that if a policeman shot at his back, he committed an offensepointed out that Chocobar did not do such a thing because "it is proven by the knowledge of the cause the ball fell to the ground and entered the back"

In the same line, he asked Arietto Papaleo, who was skeptical of his position and He said that Chocobara was regarded as a national hero, even though he was killed in the back, what would you do if one of your children were in danger: "If your son is hit by a dad, ask the police officer to give him a bullet or not if he will kill him." The progressives are all antipolar until they are chorea"he asked, the actress did not answer.

In the second passage, the driver asked Arietta if he had "changed" because he worked with "Pino" Solanas, Sergio Massa, Elis Carrió and now with Bullrich in Cambiemos.

The official replied: "I work for people and my borders are choreo"And he added," The power expels you because I'm honest, I have to go, but I will continue to work until I see broken prisoners. "

Regarding her short term as the head of security for Independiente, she said that Moyano "flew with her". "Moyano is impunity, he has a lot of power, there are judges who are afraid of him," he concluded.

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