Thursday , August 5 2021

Felipe Solá: "The cause of the notebooks does not cause noise"

Before the presidential candidate for Argentina, Felipe Solá he questioned progress in this area the cause of corrupt notebooks and supported Senator Cristino Kirchner with an indication of this This is a "persecuted policy".

"Laptops do not generate noise because the attack is fully functional "A policy of economic devastation, as it is now," said the former Governor of Buenos Aires. "You can not clarify a strictly judicial political," he said.

According to Solá, the judge, who leads Claudio Bonadio, can not be a judge who belongs to Cristino Kirchner because "Every Commodore Py knows that she hates her..

"There is an idea that all the corruption that took place in the country before this government, and that's not true, learned to read tapas and titles. In the governments in general, corruption and corruption in the Macri government", the candidate for the presidency is in dialogue with the radio With you.

After eleven years with the leader of Unidad Ciudadana, Solá admitted that the differences are part of the past and that he had met her three times already.

"I saw her on the day she skipped the notebooks, she had a planned audience, this meeting was emotional, we talked like two friends in the bar, I was not her friend, but the meeting was emotional," she said. He added: "On the day of the volumes, I told Cristini," Thank you for accepting me on that day "and she told me "I'm used, it's a lie""

Regarding the elections, Solá said that winning agreements and management arrangements are needed. "For me, we go to the polls, but half of plus one of this vote is not enough for the government to have political stability, "he said.

Regarding the candidacy, the former governor put it:I want to go out with a better country, as I found it, with prestige, not with power. This gives you security to your friends and your opponents, not to build your strength. That's not a bit. "

In addition, he repeated that he did not want to be a vice-president: "I am not here to be vice-president, but here I am, I have the opportunity to have trainees and candidate for president in the STEP. Winning is very difficult"

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