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Father Emiliana Sale told where the remains of his son would remain

Father Emiliana Sale said where the remains of his son would remain

In the face and tone of voice Horácia Sale describes the pain that he and his family suffer from after confirming that the body found in an airplane that was at the bottom of the English Channel belonged to his son. On Friday, Father Emiliana Sale commented in the interview what would happen to the remains of a 28-year-old football player and thanked everyone who helped in the search.

"I am waiting for Emily's body to be brought to the city. We're trying to draw power from where it is not, "he said in the statements he had at TyC Sports hours after identifying the body of the player who boarded the Nantes plane on 21 January to go to Cardiff to I would start with my new club, so his father, Emiliano Sall, will be buried in Progres, the home town of the province of Santa Fe.

In France, the striker had a very good first half of the season and attracted the attention of several teams in Europe. Finally, Cardiff City bought his card for 17 million euros. He was pleased with his transfer. He called us happy and we want him luck, "said Father. And with great pain he added, "I do not know if it was fate. I do not know what to say.

Salin's father also expressed gratitude to all players (among them Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero) who activated via social networks to continue searching for the missing plane, despite the fact that the British authorities had them finished without the results three days after the disappearance, and also those who made their financial contribution to the solution of private investigation, which is a family vehicle.

He also thanked for all the awards that were dedicated to his son, who were made in the competitions of various world leagues. "It was very exciting, he earned it because he was a good boy," he said.

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