Jason West, who together with Vince Zampello founded Respawn Entertainment, has hired Epic Games, creators Fortnite. West considered one of the parents of the saga Call of Duty, created by Infinity Ward.

According to Geoff Keighley, the producer of game awards, West has hired Epic Games to work on its game development efforts"The signing took place without any more noise for a month when Jason worked in Epic offices, creators Fortnite and Unreal Engine.

Jason West is a person in the video game industry, although the last six years have been spent on retirement. The co-founder of Respawn decided to leave office in 2013 for family reasons. Before setting up a responsible study Apex LegendsWest was successful at Infinity Ward and EALA.

So much West as Vince Zampella are responsible for setting up a franchise Call of Duty thanks to successful gaming Modern Warfare and its continuation. In 2010 they left Infinity Ward and They are faced with legal action with Activision, who sued him for corporate espionage when they were in contact with Electronic Arts.

Jason West and Vince Zampella, at the time of Respawn Entertainment

The departure of the West and Zampella was at that time a media bomb. Co-founders of Respawn took a lot staff Infinity Ward, who will work with them, repeats the actions they did when they left EA Los Angeles after working in the saga Medal of Honor.

Arrival of the West on Epic Games it can not happen in a better time. The company paid 100% attention Fortnite, which distribute staff from other areas in order to maintain the battle. The truth is this Fortnite it will not be eternal and Epic needs another success in the future.

With the experience of his new recruitment doors are open to forming a development group to create new intellectual property or to audit others stored in a freezer, such as Unreal Tournament.