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Falcioni and by: Crespo? – 30.11.2018


On Thursday morning, a fake bomb exploded in the hole. It happens that in the media they said that the drill CD was thrown by Julia Falcioni, but that was not the case. From the club, without a formal statement, they ensure that the emperor was not fired and that he will continue until the end of the year. In the meantime, there are meetings on which his future will be addressed, as his health problem would prevent him from fully entering his position. That is why Lucia Barbuto, President of Banfield and her team are planning to appoint him as head of the treatment of throat cancer while staying at the club.

Sergio Greco, representative of Julia, confirmed Olle that this option is true: "We are talking about his continuity as manager, which begins next year, in the middle of the meetings. It's agreed with the CD and Falcioni, we need to see what he wants."

In addition, he talked about rumors that appeared: "It was left to open it and this is a lie, they never wanted to open it. The contract ends on 12/31 and we see how it will be its continuity. Whoever speaks, as if it were defined, is irresponsible. "

Because the Falcioni option occupying this position is advanced, the CD searches for DT successors. The sound of Hernán Crespo or Gabriel Milito, accompanied by Alejandro Kohan as PF. Although, according to Olé, Crespo is the one who suffers.

Valdanito was already run by subordinates Parma and Modena, in Serie B in Italy.

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