Sunday , August 1 2021

Facundo Ambrosioni admitted he would accompany More Rial on the day of delivery

Morena Rial in Facundo Ambrosioni They are eagerly waiting the arrival of the first baby couple. Two months after they were parents, the couple already knows that a boy is waiting for it he will be named Francesco Benicio.

Happy and enthusiastic, through social networks, they share the unique moments of the child's face on an ultrasound everyday and even the same Jorge Rial she does not stop rejoicing for this new step of grandfather.

In the afternoon, the boy of the group More Rial encouraged him to break his silence and tell him how he was preparing for this new role.

Ambrosioni explained in a message to the magazine Gente that he is worried about the big day, but he still does not know if he will see birth. "It gives me the impression, 7. I started the course before delivery and did not even entertain me at all"he admitted.

Then there were several animated comments: "I want to be with Moreno, but I will decide that day according to how I feel because I wanted to look a little on YouTube and I was so enthusiastic that I did not see anything else …".

She saw the reaction of her boyfriend, with seven months of pregnancy, he was joking about the situation and added:"I want to be Facu with me, but if I take it on the stretcher, I would rather like it not to be there and take care of the child only".

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