Excitement in the Guid Cassidy program: A dog, which was adopted 9 months ago, brought the family a million pesos


A tight definition at the end of "El Perro del Millón" (Video: "The Other Family Night", El Trece)

Race July It could be analyzed by VAR, this system used in football to determine what really happened in the game. Because his career, that if this was done in exactly 3 seconds forced the tiebreaker, culminated in 3 seconds … and a tenth! And this minimal delay, this difference is almost invisible to the human eye, Was a product of a small slip that ended with a fine for his family, López. But what is the dedication? Tom and their owners, Frachelli, v Million Dog.

Because some time ago, in the finals of the competition Another family night, Tom ran exactly 3 seconds, as expected by the Ituzaingo family, which he adopted nine months ago. That's why JulyLopez had to travel on the track. "With a difference of 0 seconds, it is equal if it is 0.1 or 0.2, then Tom's family wins," he warned. Guido Kazcka.

And in this way, after that difficult final final, on the head, Frachelli (the mother is employed in the household, the father who is disabled, he is unemployed) enjoys the main prize awarded by the El Trece program: million pesos, free year of dog food, monthly purchase in supermarket chain for the same period and cup for Adrián Pallarols, which was delivered by the jeweler himself in hand.

And Tom is the first champion of this competition. Nine months ago, his fate changed when it was adopted. It also changed the life of Frachelli, many before millions of pesos. Because there are things that really do not have a price. Anyone who has the privilege of having the unconditional love of a dog knows this very well.

Tom and his Race to Glory (Video: "The Other Family Night", El Trece)


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