Eva de Dominici has been charged with being abused by the director at the age of 16


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Eva from Dominic (23) this afternoon gave up in the attackers that in 16 years he suffered "abuse of power" by the director, who did not want to give his name. The actress linked this fact through a video in which she said she had taken her to her production company to offer a drug offer and that she he asked you to take pictures of "on tits" to test the camera for the movie. After that day, she continued to persistently call and told her that she should be "grateful" for the opportunity that he gave her.

"I record this memory for the memories and everything that happened these days. The Tuesday that marked the previous and after, the Thelma case was not an isolated event when I was 16 years old and this is not news, because I already said this, the costume director brought me to the meditation class who said that he should improve my composition of my visual film in a film that he will have to direct, "he began his story.

"He spoke to my mother by telephone asking for permission, and he said that he would then bring me to my house." My mother was entrusted, and after leaving her class, she brought me home, but she told me that we had spent some time for her production company, and then we continued a long time, but when we arrived, she parked and told me to go, that we had to read the script a little more, I remember being tired and telling her that I wanted to go to my house, but it was not a man who understood "no".

"At the door of the manufacturer, grab a very small bag and go to your office instead of taking the script, grab the writing stick Bic, take the ink and the cap, and the mackerel I took from the bag is "Alita de Moss", it says, we bought it from four, it's expensive, it's a "high level", Brad Pitt takes it, it does not do you anything, that's more Brings the best in yourself, gives you the creativity to build & # 39; è querés? & # 39;. My automatic answer was not. Not only that, but he repeatedly persuaded me while he saw how my mum calls me over the phone and asks me what time he came, and during this time I am among those who slept with all the actresses of his films, He called a nice actress who told me that he wanted to have something with him, but it seemed very distasteful. "

"He told me that he said he wanted to paint me on boobs because he wanted to show him in the film on the map and wanted to see the size and shape, who showed me an example to other actresses who have already done it, that she photographed her photo and only saw that. I told him I was ashamed, I did not. You can, however, believe that inside I hesitated that I took my picture because it may have been necessary for the film that told me, and I was also hoping to take "Alito de Mossa" because, like us he said, took my creativity, the sign Then I wanted to take a taxi and did not leave me, he took me home that was driving as an accident. "

"After this episode, this director continued with two in the morning, when he invited me to the club 69, he called me one day to the phone, a little bit crazy, for another day He came to tell me that he did me a favor, that this role was in my film, and that he had to pay me. But I was sorry that he justified it and could not say anything bad about him because he was the only film director who trusted me and gave me a leading role in the film that filled my dreams and I had to be grateful. "

He also said that he never told his parents "because he was afraid that he would Quilombo mortal and loses his job. " "I naturalized the abuse of the power of an adult to a minor in a working environment, naturalized harassment and negligent behavior"Eva said.

In the video he admitted that he did not believe first Calu Rivero, a Anita Coacci in a Natalia Juncos when they were charged Juan Darthés. "I believed the defendant because I loved him so much, he was a great companion and he was great with my family." I thought the girls were confused with all this feminism, whose goal I did not understand well and you even thought of something aggressive, sadly sorry I was in the wrong. "

"I did not believe him, because by then I had exhausted all the situations of abuse of power that I had experienced in people, including those held by this director, I also naturalized the fear and discomfort that I felt at the moment."

"Today, according to what happened on Tuesday, if this producer were alive, I would have blamed him and, together with Actresses Argentinas, what we want you to love is that you are a woman, a man, of any sex you want to say Do not natrificate any abusive position to throw the shit into the interior and do the favor of future potential victims, that is what Thelma did on Tuesday, gained courage and changed the pain in the change forever. "

"And please, Juan (Darthés), with all the love I had for you, for Mary and for my children: if, as you said, the teenager touches the door of the room and when he enters, try kissing … as the only actor for 45 years, in the context of a theater tour Ugly Ducklingas we are part, we know what was, the first thing you are saying "Are you crazy?" You have a boyfriend. Really? Do not you try to protect him as a responsible adult? Will you not report production? Do you think that the problem is that you have a boyfriend? Or who is 16 years old and is your responsibility?.


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