Eva de Dominici condemned the abuse by the director


On Friday, young actress Eva de Dominica convinced the director who had died abused her when she was younger.

On Friday, the actress charged on television that she was 16 years suffered "Abuse of power" by the director, who already died, who offered him drugs and asked him to take the picture "on the tits".

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The actress, 23 years old, filed a complaint through video broadcast by the television program "Intruders", In which he did not give the name of the director.

He said that the accused brought him to his production company, offered him offer medicines, which he called "Flywing", and asked him to take it photos "in tits" to test the camera for the movie.

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After that day she persistently called her and I repeated her to her You should be "grateful" for the opportunity he gave him. He also said that he never told his parents that "I was afraid to join a fateful quilombo and lose my job."
"I naturalized the abuse of adult power to an underage person in a working environment, naturalized harassment and negligent behavior," said Eva. "Today, after what happened on Tuesday, if this producer were alive, I would condemn him," he added.


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