ESuperligo: who will play and how to play virtual tournament of FIFA video game 19 – 14.12.2013


Virtual football lives in constant evolution, a pattern of which is their practice hand in hand with eSports with increasingly professional players and traditional teams who choose to bet on them. At an event organized in Puerto Madero, Argentinian Football League confirmed that it is on the same route with startup the first virtual tournament in the league in Latin America, which will start the first weekend in January, and will take over the world championship in the game.

How the tournament will be played

As is often the case in a real football tournament, the teams will face the same way as the local tournament was determined. According to the organization, the idea is to carry out at least 6 games at the headquarters of Superliga in Puerto Madero.

To make it even more attractive, the Red Bull eSuperliga is the official EA SPORTS FIFA Championship, which makes it the only tournament in Argentina to reward points for the winners to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup, where he will be crowned champion of the world of videojuego FIFA 19.

The event will be held in the category FUT Champions, the most attractive in the popular Electronic Arts simulator Electronic Arts. This means Teams do not necessarily have to play with the official players of the clubs they represent, because this mode allows you to hire all types of images that are available in the video game.

Who's involved?

Each club will consist of a team three players and one substitute which will oppose the points in the individual FIFA 19 matches.

In the Qualifying stage of the tournament, which was held online and face-to-face, players had to achieve a certain ranking in the game mode of the game "Diver Rivals" in order to get the right to participate in the Red Bull eSuperligi.

On the other hand, some clubs such as Lanús, San Lorenzo, Racing, Colón de Santa Fe and Talleres de Córdoba, internal competences to name your virtual footballer as online qualifiers have contributed to the remaining participants.

Being under the orbit of the Argentine Football Super League and FIFA 19 video game, players of the 26 clubs of the First Division will launch meetings with official clothing of each team. These data will not remain irrelevant to Boca Junios, the only one that does not have an official license in the Electronic Arts video game, which must compete under the name "Buenos Aires" and even with a special t-shirt that does not apply to Xeneize.

On the other hand, Independiente proved to be one of the participants who was best armed to formally compete in Red Bull eSuperligi. Following the advice of Sebastián Fernández (@creeloyasisera) as leader, one of the most famous Argentine youtubers in the FIFA community, Red has announced Yago Fawaz, Diego Gonzalez and Danilo Muscars as their representatives not only to compete in FIFA 19, but also in all types of eSports.


Participants can receive 600,000 pesos cash prizes and the possibility of representing Argentina in the FIFA World Cup 2019. The champion will be among the most important 100 thousand pesos, the other 60 thousand and the third 40 thousand.

The second question that remains in progress will be the transfer of meetings. At least initially, matches will be played in the stream via official Twitch and YouTube eSuperlige channels, but do not rule out that they can also reach traditional TV.

"Negotiations with four sports signals (TNT, ESPN, TyC Sports and Fox Sports) are advanced, but so far nothing has been shut down," said Roberto Borrego, director of Esports Planet, a company responsible for the organization. tournaments.


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