Esteban Lamothe, raped by Darthes fans who want to boycott a new fiction in which Calu Rivero works – 01/09/2019


A few days ago, lovers Juan Darthés they called boycott "Bells at night", a fiction that will be premiered on Monday, at Telefe Calu Rivero, Esteban Lamothe in Federico Amador. Now, Lamothe He came to answer them with tips for tips.

Campaign of lovers Darthés was presented with a hashtag # See How I Do not See You , the irony concerning another hashtag: # MiráCómoNosPonemos, issued by the Actrices Argentinas group, which followed the complaint of Thelma Fardin v. Darthés, accusing him of allegedly rape during the tour "Ugly Duckling" when she was younger.

Juana Darthes fans intend to boycott the premiere of "Campanas en la noche" for the lead role played by Calu Rivero, who has long condemned Darthes for allegedly harassment.

Esteban Lamothe will be premiered on Monday

Esteban Lamothe will be premiered on Monday "Campanas en la noche", the fiction of Telefea, which will be played alongside Calua Rivera and Federico Amador.

Also the protagonist of the new fiction Telefe, Esteban Lamothe He spoke with "Involved"(America) about calling for a boycott and. T he sent everything against the Darthes fans who carry out this campaign. "There are four boludos haters of Twitter the player said. I do not deserve the least attention. This is something that could be laughed for a moment, and that would be a lot of time.

Outraged, Esteban Lamothe He continued to shoot with thick ammunition against the fans Juan Darthés: Do not look at me. If you have a remote control in your hand, put it in your ass. To change the channel. What worries me if you look at me or do not look at me?"

Calu Rivero (Luciana) and Esteban Lamothe (Vito) in Ljubljana

Calu Rivero (Luciana) and Esteban Lamothe (Vito) in "Campanas en la noche" (Telefe).

That's what he said, Lamothe He said: "I want people to watch me, I want the program to make a good progress. Now, if there are seven jerks saying" Look, we are not watching you ", do not look directly at me, do not move. What a movement is this in the time when we live, with the changes through which we go? ".

"As a society we are wondering and we are trying to develop ourselves, men, women, everyone." Will we pay attention to six boluses?"said Lapidar, Lamothe."

Federico Amador, Calu Rivero and Esteban Lamothe

Federico Amador, Calu Rivero and Esteban Lamothe in the presentation "Bells at night". (Photo: Movilpress).

"Do not look at us. It's not a movement # Look how I can not see you. It would be very difficult to determine and not look at us is very simple. Turn off the TV or place another channel"He condemned him."


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