Thursday , August 5 2021

Enrique Sacco, about children Débora Pérez Volpin: "They give me power"

The journalist talked about the close relationship he has with his children with his girlfriends

Enrique Sacco started walking

Débora Pérez Volpin

Suddenly he found his life with two children, Agustin and the Moon.
During their seven years, boys were their family, and a journalist accepted them as children's hearts. Guest on the table

Mirtha Legrand

Sacco talked about how relationship with them continued after his girlfriend's death.

"The last post that Luna made on the networks is very well expressed, which makes them feel" you are the one I miss the most in this world, "she wrote:" Debora was very mattress, "she said when the driver he asked how boys are that today Star is 21 and 18. "They know everything that is happening,
they are informed about the cause, "he added.

Agustin and Luna are the children of the cameraman Marcelo Funes, the first man of Débora. When the journalist and Funes separated, they managed to maintain a coherent attitude and easily join their families. "Marcelo is a great father, we have a very nice relationship between them and boys, and for me, my children are in my heart too."

He then revealed: "Boys are the basic reason for this, because they are her legacy, we had a very nice relationship and the truth was that she was still magnificent among the three. Debora, they give me strength every day."

Sacco also spoke of his fear of losing his relationship with the journalist's children after the death of his wife. "I knew that it was possible to reduce the relationship, because I could think that I am not a father, but a partner of my mother, and that I go differently." This opportunity has turned me into the thought and the love that I had for them. I accepted. "But the reaction of adolescents was different." I still clap and move the words of the children who told me: "We want to be a family, as we have always been." It's wonderful, fortunately the family is united.

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