Thursday , August 5 2021

Enrique Jurcowski: "Hitachi is strong in Argentina, do not leave it"

President of the Radio Victoria Group, Enrique Jurcowski, stressed that in the last three years the television production of the company in the country "doubled" and ensured that "there is no reason" that the trend does not continue.

"All Hitachi companies in the consumer segment in Argentina are with Radio Victoria and there is no reason to change this because we are doing very well.", stressed Jurcowski.

Radio Victoria is a license holder and distributor of Hitachi in Argentina, and has been involved in rumors about the departure of the Japanese brand of the country in the last week when the public closure of the Hitachi Southamerica subsidiary became concentrated in Brazil. .

"Hitachi is strong in Argentina, not leaving, and Radio Victoria is growing", provided by the executive body. He remarked this "In 2018, we produced 480,000 televisions, twice as high as we produced in 2015"and stressed that "the trend will continue this year".

"The exchange rate is stable, interest rates are falling, Copa America is coming and we are planning to produce 450,000 televisions, which is slightly lower than in 2018, but obviously well above 2015," Jurcowski said.

Last year, the television market reached 3,554,703 units, of which 436,040 was produced by Radio Victoria, which represented a 12% share in the total value of 164,804 Hitachi trademarks. fifth position on the field.

Another important product of the Japanese brand is an air conditioner that sold 45,509 units last year, with a 3% market share, with 1,440,778 units registered, of which 134,056 Radio Victoria, a 9% market share

"We are monitoring the growth of the market and increasing our participation, this year we will close close to 20%", was endorsed by the executing authority, who commented on this "In recent months, we are one of the few Tierra del Fuego companies that do not lay off or terminate staff, we employ 430 people in Tierra del Fuego and a total of 685 in the company."

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