Emilia Clarke appreciated the affection of her fans when she acknowledged the serious health problems she suffered in the past


Emilia Clarke He made his big jump to fame when Daenerys Targaryen, one of the key heroes of the "Game of Thrones", "the dragons of the mother", began to play, as it is known in the series that this week shared with The New Yorker is the story of some famous : in 2011, when he recently started a series that changed his life, he suffered two aneurysms that threatened his life.

The actress said she had to perform two brain surgeries in order to solve her health problems and to connect the fear she felt at the time: "Words without meaning came out of my mouth and started a blind panic." the sense of the doom is approaching, "he said. "I've seen my life in front of me and it's not worth living, I'm an actress, I need to remember my lines, now I can not remember my name."

One month after surgery, Clarke returned to the press conference for Game of Thrones. While in the hospital, he learned that on the other side of the brain there is another minor aneurysm that can break at any moment. During the third season of the HBO series in 2013, Clarke performed one of his regular tests for the brain and found that the second aneurysm doubled.

Therefore, he had to return to another operation, but he was not as successful as the former. "When they woke me up, I screamed with pain," he said. "The process was not successful, I had a lot of bleeding, and doctors clearly said that my survival possibilities are uncertain, if they do not work again, this time they had to access my brain through the old path through my skull." be immediate. "

Despite the pain, health professionals helped Clarke to disappear from his condition and could tell the story. At Instagram, the actress thanked her fans for their support: "Thousands of thanks to all of you who have read, shared and sent me a love for my story is something wonderful about which we are thinking," he wrote. In addition, he asked his followers to tell their stories in the charity that he created to help people with brain injuries, called by Same You.


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