Elise Carrió warns against three key ministers Mauricia Macri – September 1,


After being some time away from the media, he is a national MP Elisa Carrió in a comprehensive television interview, in which he left harsh messages for three key government ministers: Patricia Bullrich (Security), Nicolás Dujovne (Treasury) and Dante Sica (Production and labor).

The reference to Cambiemos commented that the government had decided that custody would be "because there were a lot of hostage attacks," which lasted only a few days, and then decided to sign out.

"What led me? The police at 70 meters to listen to me," Carrió warned, adding, "I tell the federal chief: "Tell Patricia (Bullrich) that she does not listen to me". Stop it because I'm going to the supervisory board. "

"I like Patricia Bullrich, I supported her, she is a fair person," explained Carrió, then shoot: "But he agreed with (Sergio) Bernie. What's the deal with Bernie? I preserve the same power and lead it. Now you give power to a force that you have not cleaned up. "

In the midst of her interrogation, the MP returned to confirm his "support" to the minister, but once again he attacked: "I know so much of her … I know he's struggling and he's an untrained worker, but not for, eh. And I do not want BolsonarosThey will not find me there. "

Other messages launched by Lilita were for the Ministers of Production and Labor, Dante Sica and Finance, Nicolás Dujovna.

"I tell him to put long pants on Sico," MEP pointed out when referring to the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, although he later alleviated criticism with a bit of humor: "It does not need to be too long (laughter), because it's short. "

Carrió said that Dujovne from Sica called for "a reduction in steel prices and a reduction in aluminum prices, as this represented an export margin for SMEs", but he doubted that "so far" this was not.

Then the Minister of Production and Labor stated: "A squad is super capable, but it has to play for SMEs, not for big corporations."

Then Carrió spoke about Dujova and stated: "It seems to me that the great minister of the economy, but do not try to expand your territory. It's nice to say this publicly … I think we all have to limit ourselves to the fact that Macri is the president of the republic no one can monopolize power. "


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