Elisa Carrió: "We are a change, but we are not corrupted, we are also changing them" – 12/15/2013


Elisa Carrió was today led by the CIA Citizens' Coalition Party on Ezeiza's party, and she explained her differences with some of her partners within the ruling party, but confirmed that she would not break with Mauricio Macri.

"We We have changed but we are not broken, that they also exist in Cambiemos or accomplices, We're not connected to a football mafia"Lilita started a balance that filled the year with the internal tensions that they had as a protagonist.

This was the strongest phrase in his speech, which lasted for more than an hour and ten minutes and caused ovation and even tears among the more present ones who cried to greet her.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Carrió came to the end by noon ─ the debate started at 11 ─ and left very hard phrases. "We are against the financing of businesses to political parties, defending the human rights of each and non-violence, we will never become fascists and we will continue to be ecumenical and humanistic by the end of the day,

"A man who was a few days ago, this day, Parliament drew the attention to the place of the political thread I opened the door at this place, which I will be when I present my retirement. Inside, KZ leaders who have not yet been or will not be part of any thread, "said a national deputy who referred to the head of the Senate, Emilio Monzó.

Carrió confirmed that he intends to join a non-governmental organization to recover the stolen. "This party was not only prepared to fight corruption and plundering, but to defend humanism and ecumenism. We will raise stolen money for a decade through corruption wherever it is."

With his retirement penalty, he left the opportunity to leave his bank early. "For now, this question has not been discussed," he entrusted Clarin one of your relatives.

"More important is that money be returned to society, such as justice, we will create a non-governmental organization tasked with Paul Oliveto to find out what we have stolen from Argentines," he continued.

"Argentina is a country in which, if it progresses, we change to be faithful to our principles, we can achieve a revolution in peace and without arrows. But for this, We have to change from within"he said.

In addition, he took note of the legal problems of the Macri family, revealed by the disclosures of laptops. "They were which the right was mentioned by the brother and the father of the president This shows that there is no impunity today. Interestingly, today's Techint's leader has been processed, and I did not expect to be working for a few years for this kind of image. "

"No one in the CC will be restricted to convicting any member of any political party, including Camii, if he finds the crimes of corruption. The crime has no party and anyone who does not report will issue this party. There must be no impunity in this country, "he added.

The possibility of screaming "Lilite" is the fear that is always present in the types of government. Many leaders privately admit that the MP is "uncontrolled but essential"for the image of the electoral coalition, in particular from the point of view of 2019 elections, where Macri will seek his re-election.

Carrió's criticism always falls as a bomb to the ruling party and the last one he has made against the Protocol on the use of firearms for the federal forces. "The Decree on Security Forces, which Dr Bullrich dictates, violates fundamental human rights, we will not go to fascism," he began at that time.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

A critique of the Bullrich Protocol

This afternoon insisted on this subject. "A new racism and leader in South America is being waged throughout the world. The Bible is incompatible with spheres", Izrazil Carrió.

"It's not about citizens' weapons, but about the disarmament of gangs, narcotics and the system that has been established in Renar for almost a decade. The government of Buenos Aires understood this," said Maria Eugenia Vidal's decision.

"The only effective changes in the history of the world were for peace and nonviolence, we must ensure peace and this is achieved in the construction of justice," he added.

"We were not able to win the battle against hunger, but we will continue to fight food banks all over the country, so there will be no Argentines who do not have food. We have to solve the work that is carried out throughout the country by urbanizing the villa, Buenos Aires. I worked with Horacio Rodríguez Larreto and the task I performed is wonderful, "he said.

Carrio criticized high taxes. "We need to create a federal movement for low taxes, this level of tax burden, which brings together small and medium-sized enterprises and impedes the creation of jobs, can not be maintained. We have to do this with workers, with countries, with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, with everyone, "he suggested.

He also talked about gender issues. "We have been fighting gender-based violence since 1997, in which we presented an integrated project in the Chamber of Deputies. We must continue to work on reproductive health and in the field of sex education, but without indoctrination, nor religious, nor ideological. We need to set the goal to prevent pain, "Carrio said.

We need to change the change from within

Elisa Carrió

"Human rights belong to everyone, I do not share the views of many Argentines who do not believe that the army has human rights. We can not become the second. The Criminal Code was passed for those who commit crimes and need to be executed," he said.

In addition, Lilita rejected the possibility of running for the senator in 2019. "I do not have a physical one to go to the Senate of the Nation. I never wanted to be a senator, but now I can not. I'll be far removed from the accusations, and closer to you. "

The activity also served to formalize the replacement of the organs of the State Coalition-ARI. Maricel Etchecoin, a lawmaker from Buenos Aires, left her post of Secretary General of the party and took over the chair of the Legislative Council of Portéño Maximiliano Ferraro and Carrió campaign leader in the 2015 election.

"Maximiliano Ferraro was the best leader of CC and we owe it recognition of the hard work that has been done since the beginning of this party. We have a new president of an exemplary CC, "concluded Carrió.

"We have to face the bad moments, such as those we face today, with the same values ​​and behaviors, and monitoring our compatriots who do not feel good today," Ferraro said.

"Finish the recurring crises that the Argentine suffer from cyclical is a task that must be done among all Argentines without boldness. The change must be much greater than the electoral agreement, there must be a space that puts its work as a person as the first target, "he added.

Meanwhile, Etchecoin said, "It is an honor to bear responsibility for the civilian coalition of the ARI over the last period, and I am sure that Maxi Ferrado and the new executive table will direct us to the future and contribute to the construction of the republic."

And he called for a party in several provinces and stressed: "We are aware that we are part of a government coalition in which our motto" to change without changing our values ​​", to move against the Republic with freedom, the division of power and justice be the right axis. "

"We will continue to consolidate change, this is our way", he expressed the Buenos Airean legislator, who promoted the position that he would soon have Carrio in the closing speech.


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