Thursday , August 5 2021

Each party will have a minute silence for the death of Emiliana Sale

Argentine Football Association (AFA), announced on Friday that it will take place minute silence at all meetings of all categories in memory of a soccer player Emiliano Sala, which was found without a life after an accident in the Channel.

"AFA edited a minute's silence in matches of all categories by Emiliano Sala", said the homeowner of Argentine football through its official Twitter profile.

In this sense, parties are involved who respected the record transferred to Cardiff City Premier League, Superliga, first national B, federal tournament "A", first B, first C and first. D.

The 28-year-old Sale sold was repatriated Wednesday from small destroyed aircraft and the local police confirmed their identity on Thursday, causing enormous pain to the entire football world.

When the worst news was known, Emilian's family expanded the message on Friday to thank for the support it has received for the constant search for their loved one. "Good morning, everyone, with endless sadness We confirm the discovery of Emilian's body, which was found yesterday in an airplane that went into the sea on Monday, January 21, on the way to Cardiff, "I started the text.

"We want to thank you for all your expressions of affection and support in the most painful moment of our lives. To see how the whole world mobilized to support us in our research was an infinitely valuable help, and thank you so that we can start todayThe sadness of our son and brother", the message continued."

And he concluded: "Today, Friday, our thoughts are directed David Ibbotson and his family, hoping that the authorities will do everything they can to find him. In these difficult times, we urge you to respect our pain and to preserve the "Emi" in our prayers and thoughts. Sincerely, the Sala family. "

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