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During tears and a special gift

Family to salute Jorman Campuzano, directly from the airport, lived in a very special way and with crying. In minutes before the start of a trip to Argentina to join the pre-season Boca Juniors, the player was part of a unique moment: His mother, very enthusiastic, gave him a pair of blessed shoes that your child is used on Argentinean territory and always remembers them.

The mother of the Colombian conglomerate could not hold tears: "My crying is a mixture of love with happiness and sorrow, it was a long struggle". The player immediately embraces his mother, and the one who spoke was his father. "My wife's sadness is mixed emotions, my son realizes his dream, I do not forget when he told us at five years that a professional football player", says.

On the other hand, before the start of the tour, the football player gave his first feelings: "It's a dream, I've played the biggest in Colombia and now it's the largest in Argentina." And he added: "As I want to come. In every step I take, I want to be in the biggest country. The most important are medical examinations, Let them be left in God's hands, and then the contract comes. "

What the Brindles me National is uniqueI told my friends. I've learned some details from each of them. Also, managers, doctors of all ", seal the reinforcement of Xeneize. Who acknowledge: "I already had the opportunity to communicate with the teacher (Gustavos) Alfarom, I want to get to know him and work on his side. I want to be part of this challenge and they taught me 100% to take me into consideration. "

At a press conference yesterday, Alfaro defined the player: "He is a technical player, with a bigger profile of the game, which is for the recovery of the ball". The arrival of a Colombian meant that Daniel Angelici, President Xeneize, pays a number close four million dollars with a withdrawal clause of the player in the national athletic club.

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