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Due to promotions and falling sales, prices have fallen

Representatives of consumer associations and economic advisers have warned that gondolas today are registered due to dispersion and low prices.

The Focus Market Consulting Company reported that a downturn in consumption forced salesmen to suggest lower prices. "In Argentina, prices are almost always adjusted, although sometimes values ​​can be reduced by promotions", the consultant was qualified Nelson Pérez Alonso, from Claves. "The price drop is that nobody knows how much worth is worth. Real price measurement is impossible, because there is a list price, discount on the day of the week, discount on the card, etc. The gaps for similar things can amount to more than 30%, "said Pérez Alonso. This adviser explained that inflation and abuse scheme of supermarkets, never approved by the Minister of Trade, distorted everything.

Osvaldo BassanoThe Association for Consumer Rights and Consumers Protection (ADDUC) pointed out that price dispersal creates contradictory situations and forces it to be very careful when calculating. "What is accused in Palermo is not the same as in other parts of the country. If you start taking the prices to see where it is cheaper, you will see that different places are cheaper or more expensive depending on the product," Bassano said.

"In addition, in neighborhoods where trucks do not enter, a liter of milk costs $ 34 and a 30-dollar hypermarket, as the days when prices are falling, because no-one goes," Bassano said. The head of ADDUC also said that many retailers have difficulties in continuing their work, but are resisting to see what will happen in March. "Prices can also be reduced because people who are close to closing," complained.

On the other hand, however Hector Polinofree consumers questioned the increase in tolls, electricity, gas and drinking water. "These increases change the cost structure and move directly to prices, and only logistics affect 35% of the cost structure," he added. In addition, Polino referred to food prices. "Faced with a decline in sales, some manufacturers who deliver products by lower prices than resale, so that they do not bear the expiry date. Many prefer to lower the price and lower profitability, "he explained. (Тэлам)

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