Dramatic testimony of the attacked financier: "Marcelo was a friend, he risked his life for nothing" – 01/09/2019


"There were four, three were caught, but there were four, one was concealed as an orthodox Jew, with a hat, long beard (beard), a fake … They came from one, they hit me with a gun, I met they are friends who were hanging out there in his car. They killed him like a dog. "We go for everything," they said, and come out. Crazy, they were like 50 shots … "

Norberto Héctor Barone, 68, owns a financial company based in Maipú and San Martin in Florida (Vicente López), only five streets from the president's fifth. This afternoon, at midday, he was at his desk, like another day, although he enjoyed visiting one of his 20-year-old sons, who on holiday decided to visit him since he lives in Navarre.

The fever has changed the peace. Even in a small room she was a woman. It all happened when he was the first lieutenant of the province of Buenos Aires Marcelo Pablo Acuña (52) He was in his car, drunk, in front of the baron's room. It was part of his routine. Go to my friend.

Marcelo Pablo Acuna was murdered by thieves, former police officers who attacked a financier in Olivos.

Marcelo Pablo Acuna was murdered by thieves, former police officers who attacked a financier in Olivos.

When the group left the city, he found Acuña. He was shot and he was a fatal victim. There could be more. In this they went, with "irons" in their hands, two came to me and hit me on the head with a rifle, and my son was turned into a head. They could have killed us all. They took the money, but when they left, they met my friend. They were cops, they forgot. I thought they were killing us all, "Barone told the media, almost 24 hours after the event, with an apparent anxiety.

"Marcelo was a friend who was on the island, in Tigar, and when he left, he went past here, we would drink a mate. He was not my employee. I sat in the car, I was always around., said the owner of a financial company about his relationship with Acuña.

Barone continued with the story, one by one, how everything happened. "I heard that they said" we go with everything "and they came out, they saw him and they came out and did not kill somebody else, they were shots everywhere, they were crazy. There was a woman in the room, I put her in the bathroom with her son. The bullet wound my leg, I have seven points on my head … I've been here since 2001. Now I do not know what to do, I do not need to be here, play my life. "

Before the end, he broke the memory of a friend. "When I saw him dead, I almost fainted … They killed a man who risked his life for nothing, risked his life, I can not believe. Poor boy, he has a son who is also a cop, he was a worker, "she said with tears.

They're looking for the fourth attacker

Investigators of Buenos Airean police officer murder after attack on finance manager in Vicente Lopez looking for the fourth accomplice who acted as a driver But when the shooting began, he escaped and left the gang without one car for escape, police and judicial sources reported today.

Prosecutor Vicente López, responsible for this case, Alejandro Guevara and detectives from the Investigation Department (SDI) in San Isidro they waited for all the videos from security cameras to be received from the municipality areas in order to find the fourth suspect and the car he was dealing with in the picture.

"We have a suspect in the eye and." we are trying to confirm whether the fourth member of the group is also a freelance police officer federal police, "he told Telam judicial source.

It is that two out of three arrested for the murder of the first lieutenant Marcelo Pablo Acuña are exempt from the federal police police: Adrián Federico Romero (35) in 2009 and Ángel Martínez (42) in 2012, both with a hierarchy of agents.

The third detainee, who had a bulletproof vest, was identified as Luis Alfredo Guerreño (35), and three will be searched over the next few hours. "Torture twice hindered by the crime of causation and for the victim of a police officer, qualified robbery and the illegal possession of weapons", crimes that could be condemned to life imprisonment.

As regards skills, the prosecutor ordered the criminal team to conduct a comprehensive examination of the trail in a financial attack.

Experts working on a public road gathered at least 18 serving branches, including 9 millimeters and three more caliber of three .40, when only three weapons were seized, 9 millimeters pistols, two thieves, and one of the police officers.

Survivors escaped from the village with approximately $ 50,000 and another sum in pesos, euros and realties, although the tonnage and the actual number have not yet been determined.

Judicial sources said that in a car in which the criminals escaped and intercepted an operating bolt, Renault Duster returned 285,000 pesos, 5,000 dollars and a couple of euros and a reale.

First lieutenant Acuña is the third police officer who was killed in 2019. On Monday, Arnaldo Andrés López, 39, died seriously in a shootout in Florence Vareli on Monday, while on Monday morning, the victims were victims of Mar del Plate Gisel Romina Varela (33).


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