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DOOM Eternal does not have a traditional multiplayer mode –


Here we present interesting news DOOM Eternal. After the appearance on E3 2019, the new details of this expected title were confirmed.

Obviously DOOM Eternal has no more traditional players. In her place, we recently introduced Battlemode, where in the first perspective we have to face two demons controlled by other players. DOOM Eternal will no longer be an option for multiple players.

This was confirmed by the executive producer of the title, Marty Stratton, at a recent IGN meeting. "There is no traditional multiplayer mode," he says. "Battlemode is our main multiplayer mode. The good thing about this is that it is taken directly from DOOM; is what they want and love the battles, you know the gameplay, playing like Slayer.

"If you look at DOOM 2016, we did something more traditional"Continuing. "I did not have any Doom component that people would like to choose for a campaign. I did not have a killer or demons in a meaningful way. That is something we did not like, so we really changed it and decided to develop it internally , we must pull him out of what DOOM is, demons against the killers. "

What do you think of his words? Do you agree with him?


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