Doodle: message from Arecibo, transfer to stars that becomes 44 News immediately from


With its Doodle, Google began marking the 44th anniversary of Arecibo's message, the first three-minute intercommunal radio communication of humanity.

A group of scientists met 44 years ago at the Arecibo Observatory in the middle of tropical forests in Puerto Rico to try the first message of humanity with intelligent life outside our planet.

His three-minute radio message, a series of precisely 1,679 binary numbers (a multiple of two primary numbers) that could be deployed in a network of 73 rows of 23 columns, showed a group of stars ranging from 25,000 light-years from Earth.

This historic transfer was designed to showcase the capabilities of the recently updated Arecibo radio telescope with a 1000 meter diameter container at that time the strongest and most powerful in the world.

"It was a strictly symbolic event to show that we could do that," said Donald Campbell, professor of astronomy at Cornell University, who was then an associate researcher at the Arecibo Observatory. However, some of those present were moved to tears.


The message had a length of 1679 bits and was sent in the direction of the Globular Cluster, called M13 (item number 13 in the Messier catalog of celestial objects).

This celestial object, located in the direction of the Hercules constellation, is about 400,000 stars at a distance of approximately 25,000 light-years. The message contains information about the position of the solar system, our planet and man. The message, among others, was created by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan.

Number 1679 was selected because it is the product of two prime numbers and can therefore be broken down only in 23 rows and 73 columns, or 23 columns and 73 rows, so that everyone who reads decides to organize quadratic data.

There are 8 possible configurations (8 symmetries of the same sample) that indicate a random drawing. Of these 8 configurations, only information that is organized otherwise (23 columns and 73 rows), with three and zero, arranged from left to right and top-down, generates harmonized information. These are information about the Earth and the human species. In fact, with those and zeros that are ranked from right to left and from top to bottom, the same information is obtained. Each of the two configurations contains harmonized information.


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