Dollar today: exceeds $ 39 and raises state risk – December 14,


The dollar is rising again on Friday after the currencies of the rest of the region. The currency has advanced 39 cents, to $ 39.19, according to the average of the central bank. This is the second consecutive increase and the highest value so far this month. On Thursday it ended at $ 38.80.

Meanwhile, on the wholesale market where banks and businesses operate and serves as a guide for retailers, Raises 45 cents to $ 38.27. This is more than 1 percent.

The rise of the dollar is repeated in Latin America's main markets: in Brazil and Mexico it rises by 0.6%, while in Chile it is advancing 0.9%. The dollar is spreading worldwide due to weak data on industrial production and retail sales in China.

In the meantime, the country's risk rose by 3.48% to 773 basis points, which is the result of a new fall in government bonds abroad.

Country risk is an indicator that shows how much Argentina has to pay more tax rates for borrowing compared to US Treasury bonds that are supposed to be the safest. More risks for the country, more investors distrust about the ability of Argentina to pay.


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