Dogs scream through "cosmic triple play"


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Heavenly events that coincide with the first spring day, dog members of the Wilson household were kept in extreme readiness. National Geographic described it as a "cosmic triple game", which means that those in the northern hemisphere that are not obstructed by Mother Nature can see that the "super-moon" illuminates the spring equinox. This was the first time that a full moon began in the spring of 2000, and that it will not happen less than a day until it reaches back to 2030, says the astronomical website

So, the full, big moon of the first spring day was created for a cosmic triple game. My eyes tried to fall asleep for four full days, but my dogs had other plans.

The sun and the moon must be aligned on the opposite sides of the earth so that a full moon can happen. It takes a few seconds, but slower movements cause it to last longer. Over a period of about four days the moon ranges from 95% illuminated, to full, to 95% again. So, while the full moon is only a few seconds, the human – and the eye can see about four days.

A full moon appears every 29.5 days, which is the time it takes for Moon to orbit around the Earth and completes the Phase Phase cycle. But what happened last week was different. The full moon was the last full moon in the winter, which is a sign of the beginning of spring. Temperatures rise and earthworms begin to emerge, hence the name. Full moon was also a great moon, which means it was closest to Earth at the same time as any other time of the month.

In the past, I felt that my dogs responded to the full moon and worked differently than usual with a full moon. They bred more. I predicted that the illuminated sky enabled them to see the movement they might have missed. We live in the countryside, so there is plenty of opportunities to meet with animals – day and night.

But the full moon of last week was different. They were more barking than usual. But they did it all night – and they wandered. There was no comfort and unpleasant disappointment. They were restless and hypersensitive than usual. Pet and Animal Health Web site says that a full moon affects the psychosis of animals with a noticeable intensity. "It was said to increase chaos and even cause the Earth to shake. Veterinary staff and animal controls are still employed at this stage, "says "When the animal is agitated during a full moon, it is usually restless. Dogs and wolves are known to rotate during the full moon phases, while birds are excited and become disorientated. Cats are hiding. The full moon tends to chat with the people and feelings of our pets. "

Animals are usually ultra-sensitive during a great month. "Like humans, the power of the electromagnetic field during the phase of the full moon interacts with its own magnetic field, which increases the ability to perceive or feel the stress around us. Animals usually notice interaction faster because they are part of their survival instincts in order to avoid the danger, "the website said.

I assume that everything is meaningful, especially when we think what the weather on the website says:

"Lunacy and lunatic originate from the moon, the Latin word for the moon. It is assumed that people are more likely to show unusual behavior during a full moon. The publication on the National Reference Service for Criminal Justice entitled Lunar Effect – Biological Tides and Human Emotions shows extensive analysis of data on human behavior. Lunar astronomy has shown precisely that the suppression of the moon's gravitational influence results in social tension, discrepancy and bizarre results. "

And also drew attention to a study that reviewed data over a five-year period from police records in Florida that showed an increase in cases of murders and attacks around the full moon. So, it seems that full moon has the ability to shake everything – surely Wilson's furry children felt gravitational attraction.

Shea Wilson is the former chief editor of El Dorado news. Send email to [email protected] Follow her on @ sheawilson7.

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