Does the star go out? Apple will be less iPhones


An unusual decline in forecasts has shown that demand for iPhone in China has deterioratedthe largest mobile market in the world, where the economic slowdown also erupted as a result of a trade war between the Asian country and the United States.

A lot analysts and consumers say the new iPhones are overestimated.

Apple late last month called on its suppliers to produce fewer units than expected XS, XS Max and XR modelsHe told Nikkei and quoted sources that know the situation.

The application was submitted before Apple announced its downgrade, Nikkei said. The worst selling outlook that Apple attributed to China's weak demand has led to a strong liquidation on global stock markets.

Canalys's market analysis estimates that shipments in China dropped by 12 percent last year and expect a further 3 percent fall in 2019, which is expected to fall below 400 million in 2014.

The expected production volume of new and old iPhones is likely to decline to between 40 and 43 million units for the period January-March, compared with the previous forecast of between 47 and 48 million units, Nikkei said and quoted the source. Knowing the situation.

Apple did not respond immediately to Reuters' request for comment.


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