Discover the five myths about the brain that are wrong


The minds are the body responsible for directing our body. Everything we think and do happens first in our head, so it's normal to talk about what is happening there, so we can figure out what is different from us and why we do what we do.

However, many of the beliefs that have been built on it are false and promote the spread of myths, which in the end do not imply anything about their functioning.

"We live in a world of constant confusion between what is truly and what is not, it is a society that is full of magical thinking, supernatural beings, false truths," said Francisco Mora, Doctor of Neuroscience at the University of Oxford and author. on myths and truths, in accordance with the UnivisiĆ³n note.

Therefore, we present below five myths about the brain and if they are true or false.

1. We use only 10% of the brain

That's wrong. We use it in a comprehensive way. The source of this myth is wrongly attributed to William James, a well-known American psychologist.

James said that it was possible for a normal person to use no more than 10% of the brain in his everyday tasks, but the specialist tried to say that in most of today, most do not use all of their intellectual resources.

There are many causes, but it is not true that because of the small part of the brain.

"Both in their anatomy and in many of the functions they express in the life of an individual, the brain needs complete integrity," Mora said.

This myth remains because it encourages people to try to improve their intellectual capacity and because it is committed to selling methods that help us "expand" the percentage of brain that they are supposed to "use" to differentiate themselves from the majority.

2. The right hemisphere is a creative side and the left hemisphere is a logical side

False Even the brain functions as a whole.

First, this theory has no scientific basis and, according to Mora, although the brain is divided into two hemispheres, they do not function separately, but both are physically and functionally connected through nerve fibers.

"Men act as a whole, because of the constant transfer of information from one hemisphere to another," he explained.

She also commented that "the existence of talents and abilities that are more interconnected or selective in mathematics than in arts or science and writing is not in correlation with the functional dominance of one or the other hemisphere, but with the success of the ultimate joint function of the two hemispheres and their interaction with the family environment and the culture in which they live ".

3. Reading the mind, telekinesis and guessing the future is possible

That's wrong. According to the expert, these abilities can only come from imagination, fear and deception, because there is no research on which this belief is based; but the study in 2005 showed that 41% of adults in the United States believe in an exceptional perception.

4. "Mozart effect"

It's also a lie. Years ago, a study published in the science journal Nature showed the work that showed that in ten minutes, pupils who listened to Sonatas for piano with Mozart temporarily increased their intellectual capacity. The work was so popular that it increased the sales of toys and CDs with Mozart music specially purchased by parents who wanted their children to have greater intellectual capacity. Thus, the "Mozart effect" was born.

Later, studies revealed that this does not happen after listening to Mozart, but also in other musical genres and reading texts with high emotional content.

In the end, every exciting coin produces an increase in learning capacity and a transient memory.

5. It can be levied

Again, wrong. The body can not be removed from the ground without using the appliance. This is only possible in imagination or cinema. For the rest, it's a trick. What we can do is by accident, stress or the effects of some drugs, to swim or to be outside our body, but this is not true.


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