Diego Maradona was a lapidary with a national team after falling towards Venezuela: "I do not watch horror" – 24/03/2019


Dorados de Sinaloa, with Fabián Bordagaraya's shot at Juárez FC in the postponed League of Ascenso MX, won 1: 0. Triumph reached the Diega Maradone for enter the league classification zone, in the last season of the season. But this joy was not enough for Ten disguise his dissatisfaction with the state team and Chiqui Tapia.

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At the press conference following the victory of his team, there was an inevitable question about the performance of the Argentine team in the defeat against Venezuela. And Diego was clear: "Argentina? I do not watch the horror."

Later, Maradona congratulated Gerardo Martina for the triumph of 3: 1 in Mexico over Chile and took the opportunity to deepen his criticism of the team of albiceleste, and especially the leaders of Viamonte Street.

"Z. T Dad, whenever we talk and toast. When he left Argentina, those who still manage the selection … What did they think? What will win Venezuela? Who was the only stupid man who believed to beat Venezuela? ", Asked the technical director of Dorados, and confronted the leader of AFA and inconsistent with the appointment of Lionel Scaloni at the helm of the national team.

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"Venezuela has a skilled team and here (in Argentina) they entered the window. They betrayed and constantly lied to people. Argentina will not win the race. I'm sorry, "continued Maradona, coach of the national team between the end of 2008 and mid-2010.

Then he explicitly reminded President AFA: "I feel very Argentine, but I feel with another team of technicians and players, I know what Ruggera, Giusti, Batista, Pumpido, Caniggia think: that this team does not deserve a shirt. Those I call them have tattooed them. We have tattoos. So comes those who do not know if he is a professor of mathematics or what will be (Claudio) Tapia, a truth that has no idea. "

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And he continued, "I'm sorry for the people of Argentina who are He still believes in these liars. I'm sorry players who have to go to put their face on when they need to set up leaders and assemble the tubers and start again. But do not take the prestige that we once gave you. "

In the end, he highlighted the image of Cesar Luis Menotti, the general director of national teams since February 1. "The only one I save is Flaco Menotti, not telling me about the Argentine leader, because it's not going, it's not." They left me fifteen years of career and fifteen years of choice. Give prestige good I do not like it, I'm sorry. "

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News about Dorados

In the postponed play of the third day of the de Lisse de Ascenso MX, Fabián Bordagaray took advantage of the mistake of goalkeeper Enrique Palos and changed the only goal of his right leg to give Dorados a win.

Juarez, with Argentina's Gabriel Caballer as DT, had the best chance of scoring in the first half, but this was Sinaloa. The Maradona team improved in the second half, although it still depends on the hand of Gaspar Servia to maintain the result.

Dorados has won four wins, three unresolved and four defeats, so he has 15 points. Last in the table until three days ago, now they have jumped into the eighth spot of Clausure for a better difference in targets than Yucatan deer. Juarez continues in the penultimate place with 12 units.

With three games, Dorados must retain the winning step to enter group of the top eight, the decisive stage of the tournament. On Sunday, December 31, they will be visiting Tampico Madero, a penultimate classification, and on April 5, they will receive Venado, which will be held on March 9th and on April 12th they will visit the champion of San Luis, the champion.


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