Sunday , August 1 2021

Desalmada stole a dog and left it at the Chronicle Railway Station

The defendant confirmed in front of the cameras that he owns the dog. (Capture)

The woman stole the dog and left it in an unusual way at the Glew Railway Station, located at Bonarense's Almorante Brown party. Passengers were stigmatized and convicted by carriers. The owner of the animal confirmed that Chronicle who has recovered your pet.

A passenger on the Roca train recorded a woman standing next to a dog waiting for the rail on the platform. When the transport arrived at the station and soon closed to leave the door, the lady escaped into the vehicle and left the animal alone.

In the pictures, the defendant confirms that she would be her dog and that the passengers would be criticized. You can also see that it can be crushed desperately for her.

Despite the woman's relationship, the animal would not be her property. The real dog owner would leave his pets at the Guernica railway station, President Perón's client, to visit a relative. After returning to the place there was no more dog.

When he saw the pictures, he met his pet and said: "I know this lady, once asked me the name of my dog, China, and he caressed it, I need you to help me find it." A few hours later, the girl in our environment confirmed that she was already an animal with her. He added: "Everything was a misunderstanding."

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