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Days after a breakdown, the Israeli lunar completed maneuvering


Israel's first mission to the Moon returned to the right track on Thursday after a mistake last week that caused the planned maneuver to be canceled.

On Thursday, the private Israeli SpaceIL company, which designed the Beresheet spacecraft, announced that the vessel successfully completed its latest maneuver at 9.30. Israeli time.

The Beresheet control group, which was the center of Ramat Gan in Israel, worked Monday night to investigate and repair the defect that caused the spacecraft to malfunction and prevented it from carrying out a maneuver.

On Thursday evening, the SpaceIL team said it had completed the investigation of the failure and took "corrective measures".

"At the end of a review of computer reset and corrective actions, Beresheet performed a successful maneuver at 21:30 that evening. The spacecraft is on its way to an elliptical orbit, where the farthest distance from Earth is at a distance of 131,000 km. «

"The maneuver was performed according to plan, and the Beresheet main engine was activated for 4 minutes. The next maneuvers will be planned next week. «

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