Dancing for the Dream 2018: Soledad Fandiño has demanded a cumbia


Soledad Fandiño achieved a historic result (behind her) Credit: Credit: LaFlia Press


Soledad Fandiño

is not one of the most appropriate expectations in 2007

Dancing for a dream

. However, it goes on and a little by little, achieves significant improvements, but with the kumbia he firmly marked the high ceiling of quality. In the previous, the actress assured her that she was not in a relationship with anyone, and that she did not ask her boyfriend for scaring possible candidates. Ángel de Brito, not sure, replied that "professional hiding relationships," an opinion that created laughter in her.

Then came a moment of dance, and Fandiño surprised everyone. Angel said that he did not like the beginning of a cruise on the ground and warned that Sol still had an energy problem, but added: "He was funny and had a joy, not a bad mistake" (secret ballot). Laurita Fernández considered that both were very interconnected, and although she liked it in general, she noticed a shortage at the end (8).

Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain concluded that choreography brought sensual side of Soledad and that it was "fun". There were no cracks, it covered the whole track, and the three that I saw today were the ones I liked most. a very big breakthrough, it has a much more picturesque presence. Congratulations. "(9) Finally, Marcelo Polino praised the number and gave them a great result (7). With a total of 24, this participant becomes the largest number so far in the rhythm.


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