"Damage" Martnez admits that it is difficult to escape from the world of the river


After the happiness of the historical dedication in Ljubljana Pokal Libertadores before Boca Juniors, with days expired Gonzalo "Pity" Martnez It seems that he attacked a melancholy feeling when he left the club, where he "touched the sky with his own hands". And he admitted this when he visited his lecturers in pre-season in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where he received the prize. the best player of America in 2018, who approved it El Pas from the neighboring country. "It is Worth That I Leave the World of the River", enjoy the emotional gala.

"I am very happy in my personal and group life, and that's why I came to visit the boys that we had in Madrid, it was very strong and the truth that when we returned to Buenos Aires we realized what we achieved," he said. the former millionaire millionaire who was reunited in the prize Marcelo Gallardo since the "Mueco" as the best technical director of our continent.

But the most striking part of the future footballer Atlanta UnitedThe recent champion of the US MLS MLS was when he did not hide his "suffering" because he left the Neza institution after so many successes. "Now I care a little bit to leave the River. It's that I took a lot of things with me and among them that I grew up as a person, "said a 25-year-old midwife.

On the other hand, in various conversations with TyC Sports and ESPN, the Argentinean team commented on everything that they left in the band: "I am happy, important things have been achieved lately, I am grateful to my colleagues, technical staff, leaders and people who working in the club, they helped me a lot, now, the best, the positive, I'm happy, I'll take some guys with the boys, share some time.

And he continued:It's a club that has learned a lot about kissing. We hope there will be a return. You must return to this club at 100% in physical, mental and football. If I'm ready and done, I'll be back. When we returned to Buenos Aires, we found out that after defeating Boca we achieved something historic.

Finally, "Pity" thanked the president of the team of millionaires who did not want to miss the awards for two club numbers. "I thank Onofri for everything he has done for me, but at this moment I feel great sadness and great pain for everything that happened (Rodrigo) Mora. We thought he would recover, but he did not reach it and he retired sooner, "he concluded.


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