Cured of breast cancer, but intuition made a terrible decision – 14.12.2013


After the time of doubt and tension, Dawn Cheetham, a dentist from Wardle, Manchester, England, received a biopsy result that was performed on him. He successfully fought against a breast cancer, but he had to confirm if the malignant cells were no longer in the body.

There, in 2015 and with 40 years, gave him good news: there was no trace in his body. As a couple for 17 years and with her little daughter, now eight years old, her life has returned to her body.

But in a few months he began to develop a new concern. He began to have cramps and stomach pain. Already this year, intuition, without concrete evidencethat the disease returned.

In 2014, they discovered cancer that she faced in all possible ways. But, after defeating him in 2015, he could never have taken his thoughts. And so every physical discomfort or illness was always associated with the disease.

"I slept very little, three or four hours, because I was very worried", recalls Jonathan Mellor, her partner, and is one of those days when her head was no longer able to take more, and with the belief that she was again ill, she made the worst decision: she committed suicide in her daughter's room.

After she did not answer the calls, the family found her dead there. And then there came speculation. The 43-year-old woman remained alive because she did not want to face the new chemotherapy process.

Thus, the researchers and the family asked for the autopsy of a young doctor and then confirmed the results of the studies: her body had no trace of cancer cells.

"I am convinced that all the problems, including cancer and depression, have changed considerably in his mind, but you can not surely say whether one or even one caused the circumstances of his death," said the doctor. Forensic


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