Cristina Kirchner's message for March 24: the same policies, the same results


The President spoke about the day of the memory of truth and justice.

March 24, 2019

Former President Cristina Kirchner published a communication on their social networks for the Justice and Justice Day, where she also highlighted the policy of macrism.

"March 24, 1976 – March 24, 2019. Yesterday and today: adapting wages and retirement, destroying national industries, raising poverty, financing a team and persecuting political opponents," the national senator shot.

In this line, he remarked that "the same results" appear before "the same policies". And he concluded: "Memory, truth, justice, democracy and unity in order to stop this robbery of Argentines and Argentines."

The message of the former president came after she defined that she would not present the candidate in Córdoba as governor in order to strengthen Juan Schiaretti, the current provincial chief who will be re-elected, as a gesture against the unity of Peronism.


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