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Christophe Krywonis recounted the bad experience he had on Tinder with a woman: “It was like a mess, he lied to me.”

Christophe Krywonis said he had a bad experience with Tinder (video: “Los Angeles de la Mañana” – El Trece)

Christophe Krywonis is on Tuesday in Morning angels and in this context Cinthia Fernandez she consulted with him regarding the use of dating apps. “It was like an upset for me. The meeting was pretty rough. He lied to me, it was my other. The girl posted another photo and that was another girl, “ the chef shared his experiences with this new way of getting to know people. “I didn’t do it, my daughter did it with a friend. The truth is, I fell because messages were coming and well … I went at night because he warned me, and I went at night. I admit I was kind of stupid. Anyway, that’s what I’ve already learned, ”the former juror recalled Bake.

At that moment, Angel de Brito He wanted to know if they had gone to eat, and the interlocutor was frank: “Are you crazy? Out of courtesy, I took her to a coffee corner and she had a double whiskey. I called my daughter from the bathroom and said, ‘Call me now that you’ve had an argument with a boy or whatever you want.'”, Hill.

In early January Christophe Krywonis was involved in rumors of a romance with Dolores Barreiro. However, the chef was upset about this situation to explain the situation from his Instagram account. “Relax from Christophe’s kitchen for things that have nothing to do with mine. Given the breadth covered by the news from a walk I took with my friend Dolores Barreiro through the vineyard, hand in hand and in embrace, toasting to life and encounter. “ started. Then he continued: “It’s sad to see that I have to post a video that says she’s a friend, that we shot a video of a meeting in a friend’s vineyard, made a toast and went for a walk, period. We worked for a few days and nothing more than that. “.

Christophe Krywonis spoke about his walk with Dolores Barreira

In that sense, he took the opportunity to take a note Thirteen to close the topic of his alleged romance with a model. “If I was in love, I’d tell you, but since that’s not true, I assume I’m single. I am quite comfortable, at most I recommend a girl with a bed outside, she is healthier for my age ”.

On the other hand, he referred to his experience with the coronavirus. “Like many people, it has happened to me and I am making progress. Glad he ended up with the covid scene and is now looking forward to a full recovery, “he said. And I add:”They gave me plasma for my physical condition because I had diabetes for a long time, and it helped me a lot, but not enough, that about five days later I avoided hospitalization, and there I was hospitalized for twelve days with great care, but without fear, “he explained. “Fatigue is devastating, the train went over you, but it recovers”.

At work, the chef said he would join him next Monday at Mariana, the cycle that will lead Mariana Fabiani author Thirteen. “I will cook what I never do, I was more sworn than anything else. This is something I missed so much. And when Mariana’s suggestion came, it was a big challenge for me and also a big bet. I think the kitchen brings everything together for the table, it’s magical ”.


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