CES 2019: The kitchen of the future seems to be something we will never use, but there are some interchangeable ideas – 10/01/2019


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The first question we ask when we walk through smart kitchen stands at the fair CES 2019 is: Was it necessary? Although they look spectacular, the main functions that appear as innovations in the kitchen are completely irrelevant: cameras between containers, microphones to display pipes to open and algorithms to take things that we put into the oven. Algorithms in the kitchen? As if they could not be aware.

It is true that there are some solvable things. At least recipes will be more at hand and lighter than ever: step by step leads us Whirlpool clever oven that there are even cameras to avoid opening the oven and checking what cooking is.

You can also plan meals and let us know when to start cooking, and give us additional information. Whirlpool Connected Hub's oven is an oven widespread realityand it looks useful. Or at least in an innovative way.

Another interesting proposal is the company GoSun, which has developed a solar-powered kitchen: it should be able to feed a five-member family with solar cooking technology and an electric solar heating system at night, when it's cloudy or even heavy rain.

But overall balance It's very bad

It seems that the general ideas of intelligent cuisines have long reached the upper limit. Who needs a tap to open with a voice command? How difficult is it to open a tap?

He introduced this Sensate Touchless Kitchen faucet – an idea that is so insignificant, of course, could not have a bizarre name, of course. So simple: the command is assigned to the pipi, yes, it talks from the tap and opens. Needless to say

But the one who takes all the prizes is Kitchen Center from GE: a big screen that goes into the kitchen – dangerous, side-by-side – which allows "watching movies while cooking". We all set up a cell phone near the fridge or oven to look at something while cooking, but this device goes even further.

Kitchen counter from GE Appliances

Kitchen counter from GE Appliances

This is the screen 27 inches that comes with an extract, which must be above the cooker. That's why we said it's dangerous. "With the built-in Google Assistant, we can hand out a hand," they explain. It was introduced at the last CES as a prototype and now they say it will be on the market.

Of course: while cooking with a kitchen counter you can upload photos of your recipes. Very useful

As if this was not enough, they also introduced a kitchen prototype with a truly large screen. A kind of cinema in the kitchen for functions that are not understood at all.

Connected kitchen GHSP. (AP)

Connected kitchen GHSP. (AP)

Samsung introduced its own refrigerator, Family center, with a large screen in which you can place family photos, fingerprinted messages, search for recipes and from there even you can call Ubera. Should you call Ubera from the refrigerator?

Refrigerator, in Samsun's presentation. (Reuters)

Refrigerator, in Samsun's presentation. (Reuters)

As we say, a solar cooker and an oven with widespread reality It seems interesting.

Intelligence in the kitchen does not require as many turns as bluetooth in the oven is something we will never use.


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