Carla Conte writes a tearful event during a tear


Carla Conte is a famous conductor who participated in the dance and is encouraged to stop Marcelo Tinelli in his passage through the dance competition. She was one of those who dared to say "no" to cutting pollers, a typical event that Tinelli made in past editions. It seems that the years and context of the leader of the thirteen give up this idea, but Carla still does not forget.

Conte leads Confrontados, a program interviewed by Luciana Peker, a journalist on page 12. The conversation was about the recent Thelma Fardin theme, and at one point Peker took advantage of the moment and highlighted the host when he mentions his stage in the dance competition and emphasizes determination and courage Carle in refusing polller reduction.

carla conte

In addition, journalist Pgina 12 continued to praise and said: "I love you a lot, you are an example and a great companion, Thelma told me" ten years ago they cut the wings on television ", and ten years ago you cut your wing on TV and you did not say it, "Luciana said and excited the tears of Carle Conte.

"At this point, I want to save all the women who did history that you did, because on television it's not that the wings are cut off, it's one thing to cut yourself and dress on a short skirt because you want to do what you want, and the other is to cross it without your will, "said Luciana Peker, adding:" The one who did not say and did not raise you, and what Thelma solved as a change, is thanks to you, "he concluded.



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